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By Scott Kay

July 14 2020

Have to include premises to sell your business GST free?

If you are selling your professional practice or firm (such as a financial planner,  insurance broker, mortgage broker, accountant or bookkeeper or anyone else) a question that may come up is whether you need to include your premises in the sale for the sale to be a GST Free Going Concern sale.   The answer […]

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By Scott Kay

July 10 2020

Cancelling GST & transferring car out of entity

If you are expecting to earn less than $75,000 in the next 12 months (i.e. $6,250 or less this month and $6,250 for the next 11 months), then you could deregister for GST. (Note if you are expecting to be more than this then you should register if you haven’t already).   The 4 minute […]

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