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By Scott Kay

April 13 2021

Building & Pest Inspection For Property You Didn’t Buy

Property Purchased = Cost Base for Capital Gains Purposes You probably already know that the Building and Pest Inspection (and also your Conveyancing Costs) form part of your Cost Base for Capital Gains purposes. This means unfortunately that you do not receive an immediate tax deduction for them, but that they reduce your capital gain […]

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By Scott Kay

July 13 2020

Qoin Cyrptocurrency Tax Consequences

14 December 2020 – Please note – this is an ‘evolving’ page and may change in the future as more information comes to light. Want the final say? Book a call with Scott Kay   Qoin is a Cyrptocurrency that has been launched by Bartercard. When I originally posted this article on 13 July […]

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